December 15, 2017


Searching for the perfect tree at Griffin's Christmas TreesSince 1932, W.V. Griffin Nurseries has been growing and selling Christmas trees to generations of families in New Jersey.

At the present South Brunswick location, there are seven varieties of fir, spruce and pine, from four to sixteen feet, waiting to be cut and loaded onto cars heading home for the Christmas season.  The perfect tree has been growing in our fields waiting to be chosen by your family.  Come out and visit our farm.


It’s About Family

“Our Christmas tree farm is in many ways about family. It was started by my father in 1932 and continues to be run by our family.

Family is an important aspect of our customer base, as families have been coming to our farm for three and in some cases, four generations.  As an owner, I find that very gratifying.

My favorite part of having a Christmas tree farm is the actual growing process. It takes the average tree 7-8 years to become a salable size tree from the time it as planted. There is a great deal of work involved in bringing a crop to harvest.

Each Christmas tree is fertilized, pruned, sprayed, and irrigated annually. Watching and overseeing the tree as it grows and matures into a Christmas tree that will bring joy to people when it eventually becomes the centerpiece of a family’s Christmas celebration gives me a great deal of satisfaction.”

– Bill Griffin, Griffin’s Christmas Trees